Cooking dinner

Michael Reynolds

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I know that feeling, if I am doing any thing in my kitchen I have to be so careful. as soon as I go in there I get birds flying in to try to persuade me to give them treats, if I am going to cook using the cooker I have to plan it, shut the door of the bird room to stop them from coming out and then put the food on and go in my living room so the flock members will stay in there as there is no door between the two. i have to take treats in with me so i can give them something so occupies them selves while I check the cooked food or turn the cooker off. i have heat resistant cover i can put over the hobs just incase a bird tries to land on the cooker, I will admit i mainly use the microwave, but even then if Terry my senegal is at home with me i must shut him in a cage before using it, he goes mad and will attack me if he sees me using his microwave oven. talk about just how well my flock have me trained Ha Ha
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