Cooked or Raw ?


Hi, apologies if this has been asked before, but do you feed g, i.e. carrots etc raw or cooked, only I have been giving Shady raw carrot, sprout, apple ( no pips ) straight to him, and he just nibbles and drops most of it.I assume its strange to him as he was just fed a diet of seed mix. Many thanks for help given x


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Either way really whichever he prefers, sometimes mine prefer raw then another will only eat it if steamed! Same with sprouts, apple is usually raw though. Just keep offering in time he will begin to eat more.


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The birdies in this establishment prefer raw (peeled and washed) carrot, probably because it's a nice crunchy texture to exercise beakies on. Raw carrot was one of the very first fresh foods they ate when they were still being weaned. They're not so keen on cooked vegetables but will sometimes eat a bit of such things as sweet potato and pumpkin when they are cooked. They do seem to prefer the texture of raw vegetables generally, but I prefer to feed sweet potatoes cooked as they are more nutritious after cooking.
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