Conure and Quaker


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So i’ve been thinking about getting another bird for my quaker parrot for when we go on holidays and days out and i can’t bring him.
someone will be in the house on holidays caring for him as my mother doesn’t come on holidays but she can’t sit with him as much as i do because we have other animals too.

I was thinking of getting him a quaker friend since he’s a little rude to cockatiels he’ll sometimes try to nip their feet but most the time they all just keep a distance.

I played a video of a quaker noise and he was calling back which made me hopeful.

the other thing i’m thinking is getting a conure. i absolutely love conures they are one of my dream birds i think they are amazing. so i was wondering what are the chances of them getting on well and maybe being able to live together in their cage. my quaker isn’t really territorial at all he’s fine with me doing whatever in this cage and with his food bowls. he lives in a very large cage it’s called a Critter nation double and i’ve transformed it into a bird cage.

i just think for days i have to go away and go on holidays (we don’t go on holidays lots maybe 2 a year and only a 5 days) but we want to visit a zoo when we can and all these other things which i can’t bring him with me too and i just don’t want to be worried about him when i’m gone.

what do you all think?

Michael Reynolds

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Hi, As your bird has been with you first the only bird I will recommend you should get is another Quaker. unfortunately in most cases they will see any other bird as invading its territory and they have been known to kill other species even if the new bird is larger. Quakers always except other Quakers as they are flock birds.
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