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My greys have there own built birdroom with ropes and stuff for them to play in also the cages are in the room. We are due to move to a smaller bungalow and instead of building an extension birdroom it has a 10'x8' conservatory already installed. Do any of you have your birds in a conservatory, we do have an air conditioner unit we can use in warmer weather and heaters for colder months. I will be needing to do a lot of work on the new place and hope maybe i can put off doing the birdroom for a while.


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I personally wouldn't put any bird into a conservatory. The temperatures fluctuate too much and in warmer weather it heats up exceptionally fast, colder weather will be freezing in there. Even with air con and a heater I wouldnt as it would be very difficult to keep it a more consistent temperature.

I would imagine the water and any fresh food would go off quicker in the warm weather aswell.


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If you do use the conservatory short term make sure you have sufficient blinds, windows are secure , that is is kept at a comfortable temperature also that they will not be spooked by a large area of window.
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