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not sure if this is in the right section, but how do you guys clean your comfy clams & perches? Opaline has a nail trimming perch that needs cleaning, and her comfy clam is covered in poop, i think that's where she sleeps at night.
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I did see on scarlett parrots essentials a perch cleaner it looked like you held it and it had some bristles different thickness to get right in there, think it was only £3ish. I forgot to add it to my order unfortnatley so can't say if it's good or not. I'm going to order this next time, anything is better than struggling the way i do 😂


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I use a knife to get the worst off and then use a nail scrubbing brush.
Would love to know if anybody has a better suggestion as they are a pain in the bin to clean
I used a metal scourer but idk if that's safe! I've tried looking online but they dont seem to have instructions on how to clean them!


I dont put anything in the water I just use hot water x
Id get yourself some f10sc super concentrate and mix it up yourself. Its like £20 but you can use it to disinfect everything. I use it as a household cleaner too. The dilutions are on the instructions on the back. Its a small bottle but you only need 2ml per 1 litre for general disinfection so it goes a long way! x

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Hot water will soften the poop, then warm water and a drop of bird safe disinfectant (F10 recommended) and I use a dish washing brush its gets in to most bits to remove all residue. A final rinse under the tap but always allow to dry before putting it back in the cage. I find a scrubbing brush a little hash and can pull bits of the perch off but also leaves the deep parts still looking grey.
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