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Quick update...
Cody is doing great so fingers crossed the last load of antibiotics he had has done the trick and we can stick 2 fingers up to aspers  :drinks:
Still on fungitran (think i spelt that right) and F10 in a nebuliser 


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Cody is still doing great!
Took him back to see sarah at animates on saturday for bloods to check his liver and white blood cell count was back to where it should be. Should get those back in the next few days.
Sarah thinks he is clear now of aspers and will hopefully be able to come off the meds after the results are back  :animated-parrot-image-0025:
Also he had put 40 grams on since his last weigh in and i cant say im surprised hes certainly been catching up on lost time over the last few weeks lol *looks for a piggy emoticon*  :rose:
Sarah phoned just as i finished this but will post anyway lol


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Bloods not as great as we hoped but here goes from what i can remember her telling me =-/

A chemical found in the blood that links to aspers which was high before is now very low which is obviously good news :)
White blood cell count is still low but did say it can take a while to get back up to the correct number hmmmmm
The Fungitrax medicine is starting to affect his liver (which she did say can happen but was best med at fighting aspers) so were stopping that she did say it should correct itself without any problems.

Not as good as we hoped for but still looking good.
Gotta carry on with the F10 nebuliser and take him back on the 3rd of November for more bloods to check again


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good news hun and don't worry the liver is wonderful at repairing itself, bless him am so pleased we lost our 2 to aspers so this is wonderful am delighted he is back to being a piggy and his old self :) xx

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Hi all, just an update on cody

went back to the vet today for more bloods to check liver and his white cell count e.t.c

she seemed alittle concerned that his blood didnt clot quickly after bloods were taken so we are back on meds for his liver just in case that was the reason but the overall signs are looking promising

he now weighs 475g now which she was happy with...... as he was only 420g at his lowest when poorly

fingers crossed bloods r ok!
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