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hi I have a friend who has just got a cockatiel she was told the bird was female and is 3 months old .. i have mentioned its hard to sex a Lutino cockatiel as for telling age im not sure atm rosie ( the coxkatiels name ) is in a smaller cage but the new one is set up but not wanting to change straight away to scare her rosie was jn an aviary and stood confidently on branch's but in the cage shes wobbly is this normal she is eating and drinking also she has a bald patch behind her crest kn her head ive never heard of that so again I said I'd check for her below are some pics 2nd is her feet so.eone said you can tell age from that no idea but worth a check and 3rd is a oic of the back of her head u can briefly see the bald patch thanks guys x15981293241255032537326532619157.jpg1598129349943642883192009818248.jpg15981293782642852861578342611003.jpg


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Bald patch is ok its a lutino thing. Personally i can always normally usually tell a male from female male cockatiels normally very vocal an learn whistles fast my females are quieter an hiss alot. Is she used to bigger branches perhaps?

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It can be difficult to see the sex of a lutino and even the normal way of the tail feathers cannot be noticed until it gains its first moult and then using a black light you may notice the stripes across the tail feather with the female. age wise all I will say is the bird looks young
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