Cockatiel wanted


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Sadly I lost my tiel a couple of years back and I do miss his sassy attitude!
I never did manage to get a disabled friend for him so I am currently tiel-less.

I am now looking for a tiel to live indoors as a pet. Does not need to be handreared. I am more than happy with a parent reared tiel that has been handled so is used to humans. Looking for a freshly weaned one rather than an older one this time round, as my other half doesn't have the same experience with birds as I do so don't want to throw him in the deep end (the parrots all hate him through no fault of his own, they just prefer mommy 😂😂 )

Mutation wise I'm not overly fussed but I am very partial to whiteface tiels. Would prefer a male to avoid egg laying issues.

Distance wise we are willing to travel within reason - don't know what that reason is yet mind, depends what's out there :)
We are based in the West Midlands.

Would prefer the parent birds to have been disease tested for pbfd and psittacosis but I will be quarantining and testing the little one myself like normal.

So anyone on here currently breeding any sassy tiels?


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That's a do-able distance. Will check it out more tomorrow, had a scout and doesn't look like they have any tiels at the minute and can only see mentioned of handreared which I'm trying to avoid, bit ironic as most people prefer handreared 😂
You can email her and tell her what you want, she's a nice older lady I'm sure she could acommodate, can't hurt to ask.
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