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Hubbys pair get cockatiel seed, millet, fresh food. But out of the fresh food they only eat lettuce. I do put other stuff like carrot, grape, peppers, celery, cucumber in there but they pull it out and drop it on the floor. Do I leave the lettuce out and leave them with the other to try and encourage them to it it all?

Any advice would help.
Likely they weren't provided with regular veggies as babies
Keep going!
Mine get kale. spring greens, dandelions (adored by the lot of them I have to ensure fights don't break out) apple branches with leaf on them, grape vines with leaf on it, shepherds purse, chickweed, grasses that are going to seed on top are also a favourite. I hang some in bunches with string above perches and also scatter some on the floor of the aviary. They love poking about when nobody is looking
My tiel girls like chopped cavolo nero and sugarsnaps.
Quincy likes her veggies freshly chopped. By fresh, I mean she prefers to eat them off of the knife blade as I attempt to chop. Scary.
I soak mine for a couple of hours in water fully submerged and then lay the long sprigs on a tissue in a seedling sprouting tray thingy in the kitchen window and sprout them that way, spraying them as I go but be careful of them getting too wet and rotting or growing mould. Easy enough to give them a rinse when they are on stalks
You can do just use the seed to sprout in the usual way of a jar :) anything to get them birdies interested and starting to try stuff I found millet sprigs as they were all batty about it when its dry was just too tempting for them not to try it
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