Clinical Anatomy - Emphasis On The Amazon Parrot


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The attached link is to a document written by the vet peeps that is especially for those out there into their Amazon parrots out there, a none scary document as far as graphic piccies go you'll be pleased to hear but packed to the hilt with great info its about their body structure, internal organ layouts, which muscle does what....ok I'm a geek!!! I loved reading this and printed myself a copy off so I can double check things and mark things of specific interest to me :)

Amazon parrots have some interesting things going on...the missing gall bladder and the missing oil preen glands to mention but a few mother nature did a wonderful job she packed them with personality, colour and mischief and added a few quirks to boot! 

Michael Reynolds

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Very interesting  I have saved this had a quick look through though will have to give it a good study as their is a lot to take in and will have a better look at the website later
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