Cleaning food bowls

Martin Dean

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I usually clean my food and water bowls using a bucket of water that I bring to the bird cages, just wondering can I clean the food bowls using f10 disinfectant or do I have to use the f10 disinfectant and cleaner to clean them as I know if I just use the disinfectant, once I've gave them a rinse in the bucket of water and allowed them to dry they will be safe to eat from whereas I dunno how much I need to rinse the CLXD so its all gone? Plus once I've rinsed one bowl in the bucket of water can I rinse the rest as the CLXD will then be in the water from the 1st bowl I've rinsed? Please help!!!!


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Yes in theory your fine but if you worried use F10SC or F10 RTU (without detergent) it should still clean the bowls perfectly well and won’t need rinsing (at the proper solution)

I have 2 sets of bowls, so change one and wash one type of thing, I also have a 1/250 mix in a spray bottle of F10scxd, so I spray it on, scrub, leave a few minutes then rinse well.

having partial remnants of F10 in bowls should be fine, it’s designed to leave on and dry.

just be careful F10 is fine, F10xd needs to be rinsed


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We use two sets of bowls too. One set in the cages, another set cleaned and ready to use.

We clean in regular dish detergent and a soft sponge, rinse well under running water, spray with F10 and leave to air dry. It is important not to use abrasive cleaners on plastic and metal bowls. A rough surface allows bacteria to lurk and makes it more difficult to remove. F10 is good, but give it as much help as possible to do its thing :)
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