Cleaning bird cage


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Hi yes you can, just observe the correct mixture or buy premixed, ideally it should be dry before the bird goes back in but no need to rinse just let dry.

you can also use F10scxd which has detergent in for stubborn bits but this will need to be rinsed.

so for me, I remove perches and toys every week, soak the perches and dirty stuff in F10scxd in the sink, use premix F10sc spray on his wood/rope toys.
Clean his cage with F10sc let it all dry and then rinse anything that I use the F10scxd on my then put it all back in.

he has a bell and ball he plays with a lot these get cleaned every few days.

All food/water bowls get one use, so he has a bowl with dry food in each morning, this gets changed and cleaned, I have 4 so it’s easy to pop it out and clean one in etc.

I also use F10 Pre mixed on a sponge to give a daily wipe of anything exceptionally messy or F10 wipes.

If you happy to mix the concentrated works out much cheaper.

not saying I’m right but just how I’m doing it but happy to take advise as well


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F10 concentrate made up in a spray bottle has so many uses around the home as well as cleaning cages. 1 part F10 to 125 parts of water will give a strong solution which claims to help against viruses such as PBFD and Parvo. AS @DizzyBlue says it lasts a long time. It has been valuable during this Covid crisis.

PS just noted it says to not mix with soaps and detergents.
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