Chorley Missing - Reunited


My dear little Chorley has vanished this tea time. My S*****d husband and his S*****d dog came in and left the door open. I do not think this alone would have encouraged his to fly out but his dog is so silly and zooms around and over everything at top speed. I am not sure what to do, I am putting him in pet register lost thing, local facebook page but what else should I do, please ?
Hi Kendra, sorry to hear that, fingers crossed for you and Chorley
Thank goodness for his safe return, he has had enough of the big world now and knows where his bread is buttered.Thank you to the kind family who saved him.🥳🍾😍🏴‍☠️


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Unfortunately I did not get the phone number of the family who found him, I did send a good reward for the boy and left it upto his parents what he is given.

He is so tired, still sleeping and snacking, glares at me when I go to see him, just does not want bothering. Lucy is trying to say hello to him but he does not wish to know. Silly husband put him with the rest before I got there so quarantine gone, need watching all of them now for a while.

I would like to thank everyone for the help and support I have received from you all, you really have been treasures. It may have been only just over a week but it seemed like months. He is back home now thank goodness.


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This is amazing news! So incredibly happy that naughty pirate bird became too tired to continue his adventure! Hope he is very happy to be home now xx


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He is brighter today and he looks in wonderful condition, but he has eaten a lot, thankfully he has slowed down now. His attitude has not improved, one minute "tickle tickle" the next, "gerroff", "goaway". Lucy has now returned to her usual grumpy manner with him. He flew for his seed today, the first time I have seen his fly since he came home, but although his flight was poor when he came to us he had turned into an excellent flyer, round the rooms, could turn tight corners at 100 m.p.p (miles per parrot)

No hair tie stealing yet, when he finally does that then I will know he has fully recovered.

David is keeping the house like a fortress, doors closed, windows shut, it was him that left them fully open, the blooming cheek of him!! There is a metal mesh door between the bird room and us which is always shut, if Chorley is through in the house I know.

I can not thank you all enough for your support, I often thought I had lost him for good.
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