Chorley Missing - Reunited


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Kendra just reading this thread now. OMG I am so sorry Chorley is missing. It's good he's hanging around the house. What's his favourite thing? Toy? Other bird? Are there any treats he particularly likes? A play gym? I am sending positive thoughts that he will decided to fly home to you. :heart1:

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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@Michael Reynolds

I did not actually see him, I stood a little distance to he could fly down, then I went under the tree he was in, about 38m high, he shouted a bit then off. It is 3 days since I saw him and he looked fine then. I am sure it is him, no one else would make the silly noises he does, although I think the local birds are practising.
It must be a relief to know he seems to be doing OK, and it seems like he knows where "home" is. lets just hope he gets bored with being out.


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@Michael Reynolds No I posted more,:-

As I had not seen him for 2 days I really thought I had lost him.

I had a phone call 8.30pthis evening from someone down the road, their little boy aged 3 had found a "pirate bird", so her husband went to look and there in a bush looking very tired was Chorley. The husband caught him, put him in the rabbit cage (?) and put him in the barn.

They rang the local Wild Life and Parrot Park who told them they had none missing. This annoyed me, I emailed them to tell them Chorley was missing, I will be on the phone tomorrow. They found his notice on FB.

He spent 30 minutes stuffing himself with food Which was enough, he could make himself ill ?? and to bed, he was nearly falling into the bowl
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