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I have a hahns macaw he has been with us now for just over a week. And is making amazing progress he loves sunflower seeds and apples.
But he isn't really liking pellets and is just wanting seeds
He has a try of different veg but never really has alot at all.
Apparently he was on seeds and fruit/veg (never said what veg or fruit he would take) the seeds was also full of sunflower and monkey nuts so I changed that straight away to one without and just use sunflower seeds for training.

so i am looking for chop recipes ideally something I can bulk make and it last the week or maybe freze ?
Pictures aswell would be fantastic
Hi, if you search the forums for the words chop or sprout, there will be tonnes of threads for you to search through! In the meantime though... below are some examples of chop I've made for my birds with a mix of veg and fruits. Eg, carrots, broccoli, courgettes, cauliflower, sweet potato, squash, chilli, okra, radishes, beetroot, pomegranate, apricots, parsnips, kiwi, apple... some things don't freeze well though. Also remember that things such as avocado or onion are poisonous, and eg.. white potatoes should be cooked first. I also add some of the avian tea and oats or desiccated coconut to the mix to help soak up the juices. I also add herbs to the mix for added nutrition. There are lots of ideas on here, but I also have a copy of the Parrots Fine Cuisine cookbook which gives list of ideas.
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