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Choosing Perches

Discussion in 'Health' started by Anita Orban, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Anita Orban

    Anita Orban Regular Member Registered

    Hi All,

    As soon I am going to buy a new cage for my 2 ringnecks and I thought I will buy new perches as well as one of them enjoys destroy them. There are many types of the market so I was wondering what is your experiences. I have found a video on YouTube () which was interesting. I have already found grapevine perch on Scarlet`s website so it is already in my wish list and also was thinking about Java perch although that guy is not really recommend it. As I am not an expert though I will ask your opinion too. Many thanks!
  2. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi Anita, in my opinion the best perches are natural ones you can get from your own or neighbours gardens etc i.e. apple tree, hazel, willow to name a few. They need to be in varying sizes - some thicker than others, this enables to feet to be flexed and exercised, also they can chew these perches too. Give them a good scrub first. I fix ours in using cable ties. You can also have shop bought ones in addition to these. I hope this helps.
  3. Parrot797

    Parrot797 Regular Member

    I use willow branches,these can be found near waterways and are free!
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  4. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    I have 1 nail trimming perch
    A rope perch and lots of natural branches from a copper beech tree
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  5. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Java is great as it’s hard and durable, but birds can find sloping branches of it difficult to grip onto, so wrap some rope around or use Vet wrap.

    The Polly’s Sandwalk perches are great for keeping nails and beaksin trim, they have a lightweight core.....or the other Polly’s sanded perches too....the best place for a variety especially Polly’s brand is Aviplay
    As they have all the sizes, there is no additional delivery charge and you can order direct or via their eBay shop

    I don’t agree with his view that manzanita and java are harmful and cause bumblefoot.....plastic perches are the worst thing for that, or dowel perches that are too small for the particular bird. Cactus wood wouldn’t last for very long with any beak bigger than a budgie’s - just think they sell it as kabobs to get chewed up!

    As others have said you can make your own perches from safe woods, and also this company will supply them either as stocked or bespoke if you want specific sizes made

    Use a variety of perch types and sizes, and yes the point is different widths so that the bird’s foot is not in the same position all the time (use a human analogy.... people in hospital get bed sores on their bodies if lying in the same position all the time). Moving feet and position stops things like bumble foot developing and maintains good circulation.
    A good roost perch like the Polly’s types is the most important.

    Always contact your vet if you think your bird has foot problems, as this needs to be checked out for things like bumblefoot, arthritis, gout, etc.
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  6. Anita Orban

    Anita Orban Regular Member Registered

    Thank you so much your help.
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  7. RoyJess

    RoyJess Regular Member

    Most of our perches are natural ones, like @dianaT say's above, there are plenty of free branches that can be found in your or your neighbours garden, make sure it's safe wood.

    We have recently planted an Apple tree in our garden so that we can cut some branches as and when we need them for our birds.

    We also have a sandy/pumice perch situated in front of their feeding bowls to help keep beak and nails/claws in trim.

    We also have a couple of Java trees for when they are out of their cages plus quiet a few hanging perches that we made from natural branches from our garden with a poop tray underneath.
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  8. Anita Orban

    Anita Orban Regular Member Registered

    Unfortunately we don`t have trees in garden as it is quite small. I think when we go for a walk in woods I will try find some from the ground as I guess it is illegal to take it from the tree. :) I have a nail trimming perch and usually buy woods one. Most of the time she manage to chew it in a short period of time. I try different sizes which is good for their foot.
  9. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Be careful picking up from the ground as depending on how long they’ve been lying may have got insect or fungal penetration, or used as a marker post by animals.
    Have a look at the link to natural bird company that I have died to my post above.
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  10. Anita Orban

    Anita Orban Regular Member Registered

    Thanks TomsMum. Finally I managed to check out the website you recommended. Looks pretty good. Now I have lots of choices. :) Thanks again.
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  11. DizzyBlue

    DizzyBlue Administrator Staff Member Admin

    I have willow, apple and poly orthopaedic sandwalk perches the latter being their roost perches to make sure that their claw tips aren't sharp :)

    I have a large java tree that I was very fortunate enough to purchase second hand but to be honest they are not as keen on it as the home made one I have made out of apple branch. I managed to get an L shaped apple branch when my parents were having a tree pruned it's a good 4 and a half foot high and then I bought a terracotta pot put a plastic sack inside it and mixed plaster of paris and added stones set the branch into it and hey presto natural landing perch.

    Being able to chew the perch as long as it's parrot safe obviously is a good thing in my books. Busy beak is an occupied mind and keeps the beak in shape :)
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  12. sunnyring

    sunnyring Regular Member

    if you are in Birmingham & able to climb a ladder I have some lovely willow branches free!!! can lend a saw too ! ( ie it needs pruning again & I hate goingl up ladders lol)
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  13. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    I was gonna say... If your in Durham ive got a huge pile of branches here too
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  14. Anita Orban

    Anita Orban Regular Member Registered

    :) Thank you!