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Discussion in 'Food And Diet' started by Kerstin, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Kerstin

    Kerstin Guest

    Well...yesterday I bought some chicken drumsticks.

    Thought I give it a go with the birdies

    I cooked them yesterday for about 90 - 100 min to make sure they are really done

    ( Thanks again for your advise Scarlett xxx )

    Let them cool down over night in the fridge and this afternoon i tried my luck.

    Baby was afraid like usual - anything that looks like a stick she freaks

    Luna wasnt sure as well what surprised me as he usually knows no fear lol

    Left them for about an hour, then i stripped the meat of the bone and tried again..

    Luna was the first who put his tongue out to taste

    And he started to like it and took the Bone out of my hand - of courses Misses got nosey then. She wanted hers then as well.

    Wow - never saw anything like that..was very interesting to watch how they cracked the bone, eyes pinning , enjoying.

    They have a lot of food they like, Fav. is Pommie. but hey..this chickenbone tops everything.

    Will give it once a month now.

    Here some pics like promised Nikki :)





    That's whats left after of the whole drumstick

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  2. Kat

    Kat Regular Member

    Thats great Max likes chicken bones and has them every now and then. Jenny like i've said before dosn't like anything she has to work for :lol:
  3. Nikki h

    Nikki h Mother Hen Regular Member

    Brilliant, thanks for ringing to tell me xxx
  4. Kerstin

    Kerstin Guest

    i see it that way... they didnt eat the bird..they just eat bone marrow - if they love it they can have it..it has a lot of proteins

    But i understand what you mean Liz x
  5. Karen

    Karen Regular Member

    Pablo just loves a chicken bone,tried to give one to Lola and she wasn't interested .

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  6. Ann

    Ann Cheeky Monkey Regular Member

    Sid likes a bone too :thumbsup:
  7. Scarlett

    Scarlett Guest

    Well being vegetarian we don`t eat chicken but we do give it to the birds because they enjoy it, we don`t eat fish either but they get fish fingers.

    With a chicken drumstick it`s so funny, some just shred it and throw it on the floor, Harley eats really fast and goes like a little cave man eating his victim!!

    They look like they really enjoyed them kerstin!
  8. Kerstin

    Kerstin Guest

    they did scarlett - i was surprised how fast they ate them like they couldnt get enough lol
  9. Greg Glendell

    Greg Glendell Regular Member

    I would not give a vegetarian animal the remains of other birds to eat. Most food poisoning (in humans) is traced to meat/meat products. Animal protien can produce toxins as it breaks down Botulism slamonella etc. Carnivorous species (hawks, crows etc. have a digestive tract adapted to dealing with this. Parrots (with a few notable exceptions) do not. Cooking should eliminate bactiria, but does not always kill viruses. Bird to bird viruses can easily be passed on. Then you have to remember what the chickens have been fed on: hormones, antibiotics, anti fungal medication, growth hormones etc. Parrots are not designed or adapted to eat other birds. They may 'like' to eat these things, but then I 'like' to eat chocolates and cream cakes....

    But I feel the birds health is more important than its mere 'likes'. I don't think this is worth the risk to a bird's health.
  10. Lee T

    Lee T Tigger Regular Member

    Will try my Casper with some chicken bone Kerstin.

    I have researched and the majority say that it is in fact good and nutritious. But I guess that is the thing with parrot nutrition, there are no "experts" as I understand it is a very new and ever evolving subject. Like veg that can be sprayed with pesticides and bleaching chemical you can buy organic.... you can also trace what chickens etc have been exposed too. Health and Hygiene of course is paramount but wild animals will be exposed to a lot more bacteria and viruses than the pet parrot with a conscientious owner.
  11. claire

    claire Regular Member

    Quite agree with you Greg. And being one of the leading expert you give great advice as always. :)
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  12. Lee T

    Lee T Tigger Regular Member

    of course.. everyone is entitled to their own "opinion"...
  13. Kerstin

    Kerstin Guest

    Well we eat all we shouldnt..we shouldnt eat to many eggs - cholestreroi. pork not good, beef not good, then its chicken n ot good - no sweets, no raw meats, no grilled meats, no sugar so spices, not to much salt and i could go on and on but we have to live as well..

    I know chocolate isnt good for me, still from time to time i have some

    We had kind of this discussion in another topic... and scarlett put it in right words what i tried to say lol

    Its not all about quantity of life ( years of living ) - the quality is important as well.

    And yes...organic food... how often are they tested throughout the year ? are they really fully organic ?

    Like some pestizide declared non toxic and non harmfull for people and animals cause they are biological... when you research it tells you that the stuff - biological- has longterm affects..but its not harmfull cause its biological..

    This is a very compact theme talking about food.. like pellets discussions..... we will never ever be able to do the right thing - not for us, not for our pets no matter what kind of pet we have. There will always be new researches, new results...

    and everyone will be sure he is doing the right thing and feeding the right stuff
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  14. Kat

    Kat Regular Member

    I was on the understanding that greys are omnivores, and in the wild will eat some form of meat such as insects or even snails !!!!

    They also require more protein and calcium than other breeds, i don't see a problems with high protein foods such a chicken bones once in a while, but it is personal preference :wink:
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  15. Kerstin

    Kerstin Guest

    Your diet might be brilliant Liz but other people i.e. can have a brilliant diet, still cant be active due to illness...and you think hold on a minute.. how does it come that i life so healthy and still got this or that illness....

    My opinion- and i say my opinion - is the air we breathe in is killing us... if we all would really live healthy we start with selling cars, not using deodorants, no cleaning stuff only vinegar and so on..like i say..this discussion is too complex for everyone to agree and if i start talking about healthy or not healthy then i dig it to the ground and ask why do you drive a car ? and when i say you its not directed to you liz..i mean you in common.. we always talk about healthy and saying we do what we can but do we really ? Why do we use mobiles..they are not healthy..well the signalposts are not - why do we watch tv..why driving cars..because we dont want to miss the comfort of this things.and telling ourselves we need them .so talking healthy.... i dont know...

    and BTW - what gives us the right to eat animals anyway..is that right ?
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  16. Toni

    Toni Regular Member

    Hi Greg

    Just read what you said. My Chico is 4 months old now and a little cracker. I am new to all this he is still a baby j am taking as much advice on food as possible I feed him at the moment the egg food the shop gave me he not keen but eats a little plenty fresh fruit and veg was wondering if rice is okay cos he seemed to like it tonite? Just a little of course bit unsure about giving meats of any discription but that's just me! He is out of his cage all day from about 8 until about 8 took advice from from others he needs more rest I was keeping him up to late that was a lesson learnt for I am still learning. He seems to like all the family including the dogs and cat they get on with him too I hope it stays like that he such a mardy maybe cos he young?

    This is him stealing tea

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  17. Kerstin

    Kerstin Guest

    sorry to hear about your illness and i know the meaning of that and certain foods as its same here- but again we talk about food, abouth health..and i think lifestyle is a big part of it..cause - again - if we do it right and want healthy food we dont drive cars who pester the air ( sorry if i dont find the perfect english words ) , and so on.. it is a circle and we can try our best , what we think its best - but we will never be able to do THE best..just impossible..

    and illness.yes.. i changed my diet cause of that as with the RA and now the chemo you not allowed to eat certain things - on other hand taking all those meds... FOR my health... makes me think even more...

    I quote Einstein : "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." :wink:
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  18. Toni

    Toni Regular Member

    Thanks Liz hate to think I would give something make him poorly he so bright and Clever he went really quiet the other night it panicked me but I think he was just jiggered cos he busy all day wrecking stuff. Hubby took curtain rail down this morning Chico was swing on the screwdriver as he did it was sooooo funny he loved it hubby is going to make him a swing now x

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  19. Sarah-Jane

    Sarah-Jane Alice in Parrotland Regular Member

    Feeding meat/ fish to birds has more cons than pros. It can do them a lot more harm than good. I personally wouldn't ever feed it x
  20. Kerstin

    Kerstin Guest

    its not the meat they get..its the bone and they crack it to eat the marrow or how you call it in english :)

    But again - i wont discuss this any further now as its getting nowhere - we all have different opinions and there are different reports and researches out as well so i would say its 50 / 50 what reports and recommendations say. Same like Vets - some say so others so.. :)