Caption Competition #89


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I know this was quick to start the new one but I would have forgotten to do it if I left it later. Also I had to use this photo of my Bernie.

This competition is open for all to join in and all you have to do is put up to caption to the photo provided

The rules are easy and are as follows:

1 only two captions per person

2 the caption will be judged by me in one weeks time

3 The winner will have the chance of providing a photo and judge next round of the competition

4. If for some unfortunate reason the winner cannot provide a photo then the second place person can carry the competition on

Good luck everyone.


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I am now ready with the results of this caption comp. All really good captions from all of you.

In third place is........ @Michael Reynolds :
Opps.... I was too slow there, trying to climb back up in my cage and look innocent.

In second place is ........ @dianaT: That feels better I needed that.

And in First place is ...... @Zoe220615: Heard you talking about buying a shredder....suprise!

Now I hand it over to @Zoe220615 to do the next photo for the next caption comp. (If you need any help just ask me)

This was hard to choose because you all where fantastic xx
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