Caption Competition #85


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This competition is open for all to join in and all you have to do is put up to caption to the photo provided
The rules are easy and are as follows:

1 only two captions per person

2 the caption will be judged by me in one weeks time

3 The winner will have the chance of providing a photo and judge next round of the competition

4. If for some unfortunate reason the winner cannot provide a photo then the second place person can carry thecompetition on

I had to choose this one of Elsie, she is my beautiful princess and wanted to give her a turn.
Good luck everyone x


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Don't worry I am not judging early, I just wanted to say the captions are all great. I thought this would be hard but you are all proving me wrong.


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Sorry it is a day late.

I think everyone captions are brilliant and it is hard to decide. But I now have the results...........

Third Place is [email protected] - Can you help get my beak free?, this filler set faster than I expected..

Second [email protected] - Peek a Boo.

And First Place has to be [email protected] - “You talkin’ to me?”
Well done everyone xx

I hand it over to @TomsMum for Caption Competition #86
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