Caption Competition #81


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This competition is open for all to join in and all you have to do is put up to caption to the photo provided
The rules are easy and are as follows:

1 only two captions per person

2 the caption will be judged by me in one weeks time

3 The winner will have the chance of providing a photo and judge next round of the competition

4. If for some unfortunate reason the winner cannot provide a photo then the second place person can carry the competition on

Good luck everyone.


This is Mia with her very own toothbrush. I had to buy one for her to stop her grabbing mine as I have to brush my teeth in my bedroom.


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I just reminded Jess of her caption photo as she has totally forgotten all about this. Any more entries as she will be judging this tomorrow if I remember to remind her :budgie:


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I have now decided, which is very hard as they are all so good.

In 3rd place is @plumsmum - I said I needed Sensobeak beakpaste!

In 2nd place is @Michael Reynolds - Do I have to brush my beak each time you give me chillies.

(I wish she did Michael, especially when she preens my eye lashes)

And in First place has to be @RoyJess - "I just hope that this brush has not been used to clean the toilet?"
This caption really made me laugh, never thought of it myself.

Well done all of you for your captions. You made it so hard for me as they were great.

Now it is over to you @RoyJess for caption #82


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Congrats @RoyJess on a brill caption :applaudit: , a great caption. Surprised I did not think of anything along those lines. Its my kind of taste, though considering the winning caption perhaps I could use better words lol.
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