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We have a Sun Conure who I’ve grown quite attached to but he screams for most of the time he’s out and about with us in his cage. Whilst we have a room where he can go and fly around, we also have cats so when he’s with us he does need to be in his cage, even though the cats don’t really seem to pay much attention to him.

The screaming drives us crazy so he either ends up being put into his flying room alone or covered over to keep him quiet. We then feel guilty.

Is there a way we can keep him quiet?


Michael Reynolds

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Has he learnt to say any words, Stopping there high pitch calls is a common problem with these sweet birds, My Rickie whom I recently discovered is female, knows I will always respond to her if she calls her name. I just ignored the calls that was demanding and reacted to the positive calls with a treat and attenton


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Can you put the cats out of the room so your parrot can be out with you for a while and feel safe, although the cats may not show any interest in your bid, he will know they are predators.

Michael Reynolds

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I think Sun conures do not like being on there own and will rather be with you and on you, If I am reading into the problems correctly it not only the noise issue but you are afraid that the cats may be tempted to harm your bird if you go out the room with him on you. Is the calling while he is with you or when you are in the room or around?


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I will tag Roz she is brilliant with the explanation of how to train birdies and explaining it to us I will tag her and if you read some of her posts in the training folder these will help I am sure :)
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