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My African grey has started having while diarrhea does anyone have any idea what it could be I am worried about him I haven't changed his food or nothing and we don't have a bird doctor / vet here any help would b appreciated


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Has he been eating more fruit/veggies lately or water (as in after a bath/shower)? Or was he over excited?

My African grey has started having while diarrhea
Is that “white” rather than “while”? How long has it been going on for?

Hoping @DizzyBlue can offer some help.


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Poopology.... yes there is such a thing!!

Lets go for the normal stuff first .... diet makes poops look different so seed diet versus pellet verses lots of fruit and veggies ....


Poop is made up of three parts ....

Urates, Urine and faeces three clearly defines things.
Urates the white stuff, urine the clear liquid stuff and faeces the bulky bit / solid bit.
Urates should be white and well formed.
Urine should be clear and watery (soaks really easily into the newspaper as well)
Faeces should be well formed depending on what was eaten depends on what colour it is. Usually tubular kind of shape but when hitting the floor from great height can kind of end up as a splatter! Should never be sticking to the birds feathers or dangling when being passed.

Ok abnormal droppings see below errr don't panic and don't self diagnose .... breath deeply and then consider if something the bird has recently eaten has affected what your seeing.
A while ago I forgot my flock had blueberries at bedtime and nearly had a flipping heart attack in the morning when I saw the colour of their morning poop.
The best poop to judge the health of a bird is the large morning poop that they do. Hence I always makes sure that the newspapers in the bottom of the cage are clean at night time so I can clearly see what the morning splatter is telling me.


Egg Poop
Basically when a hen is about to lay an egg the poop well yup it changes ... it smells, its watery and its huge as its not being able to be passed due to an egg being in there in the way! Egg poop nothing to worry about just a shock for the owner who thought their bird was a he and not a she!!
gg poop.jpg

There are also dark tar like droppings. You need to double check those. When fresh smear them side ways and double check if its dark read rather than black if red its zinc poisoning rare these days but once very common.
If its really blackish and sticky then it's more likely GI tract issue and slow gut transition / stasis with a possibility of high GI tract bleeding all of which is a vet job.
Tae any photo's of the poop with you to the vets. Also a good idea to take a photo ping it via email to your vets and say errr excuse me is this poop something I should worry about? Usually they will say no or ooo that's odd bring in your bird.

Any undigested seed in the droppings or bubbles in the droppings are also things that are "vet jobs"

@Roz did I miss any???

Michelle Mcmichael

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Ok so if I take a pic and send it in hopefully yous can help me just he's not been like this before maybe iam worring for nothing
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