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I have had my African grey for nearly 8 years now, I bought her off a friend of the family, sadly he passed away and I have have been told if I want to bread her I would need the certificate? What is this certificate and how do I get one for her please.


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The document you require is a Cites Article 10 certificate obtained from APHA
You need to DNA sex your bird so you can purchase the correct sexed mate that is also certificated - have you ever bred birds before? If you haven't your in for a heck of a learning curve ride if you intend to hand rear you need a brooder and to learn how to correctly feed the bird from the correct side of the beak with rearing mix at correct temperature and consistency for the age. If you intend to leave the birds to rear chicks they might not be able to do it successfully. Two three chicks on average once a year and each has to be certificated.
Bird must be able to be documented as being as old as you say
If the bird is hand reared and tame you stand zero chance of breeding the bird
You cannot legally breed or sell any cites class 1 bird without the document.
Its not like breeding a cat or dog ...... you could end up with a mate for your bird and they don't pair bond and won't breed and can at times just fight and injure each other. Its a fine line to walk. If you know a breeder in your area see if they will take you under their wing if you can to learn if you haven't done it before.

These are the documents you require (plus an avian vet to go through it all is wise)
cites-news030317.pdf (
Endangered species: apply for a commercial use certificate - GOV.UK (

Details of who to contact if you choose to give them a call :)
Tel: +44 (0) 3000 200 301
Fax: +44 (0) 28 415 2510
Email: [email protected]

Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA)
Centre for International Trade - Bristol
Horizon House
Deanery Road

Contact telephone number at Cites is 0117 372 3700 this is the one I have in my mobile phone and where I usually ring up to pick brains
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