Calling All Parrots With Talent!


Is your parrot the next Youtube sensation? Does your parrot singing better than Mariah Carey?!

We have an exciting opportunity and would love to hear from anyone who thinks that their parrot could be the next "big thing"!

To find out more, please get in contact using the details below:

[email protected] or call me on 0207 691 5991 for more details


The Dave Slave!
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I thought Dave had a talent with his R2-D2 impression and then I searched youtube and every bugger out there was doing it :laugh:

He's still special to me though lol

Lisa x

Mind you he does do Chewbacca too... sort of lol
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Eddie my African grey can beat box all my friends think his amazing and blue is learning to ride a bike :)


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Why so vague? With this sort of thing, I'm sure that you'd get more response if you actually explained more about what you're doing, when and where.

My senegal can do a variety of tricks but no doubt he'd easily be trumped by an older bird/ a more intelligent species such as an African Grey or a Kea.


The Mother Hobbit
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My Charlee Girl says "She's a f*cking whore" when I walk in to the room (she did not learn that here) Does that count as a talent pmsl



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lol @ julie

i have a few singers here and one of my sh does beatbox too brilliant but i wouldnt put them on youtube anyway tbh 
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