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Hey all
I’m going to make quick. My parents have a caique bird whom needed a parrot, they ended getting another caique as the first one was going through major depression when my mom leaves to visit me or my sisters for a few days

Now, the current cage is 21width, 60 height, and 33 length. I believe it’s too small and should get another one but I’m not the parrot owner here and quite honestly quick Google search results is so many different answers

Any recommendations for a new cage or the current is fine.

Any and all help is required as I don’t live near my parents and I’m only here for a a day or two every week.
I take it your not based in the UK so your cage options will be different to ours. Caiques are very active birds but they can be very funny little characters and don't always get along with another bird. Soooo putting them in together isn't an option. Rule of thumb is get as big as you can as once toys bowls and perches are inside the room they have is way smaller.

Read this thread by clicking the link it has a list of the species of bird with the recommended bar spacing which is very important
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