Cage modification?


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I'm not sure if this is even something to worry about but better safe than sorry right?

Our GCC nearly always throws food around, which isn't a problem of itself, but he doesn't have anything at the bottom keeping him from eating old food. I clean his cage every 3 or 4 days, but I'm paranoid about him eating the old fruit and veg at the bottom of his cage, but have no idea what I could put down there to let the poop and food through but not him :(

Anyone else had this problem? He just keeps eating the old food, even if there's new fresh food in the bowl!

Picture of his cage included here ♥ Cage


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What type of floor does the cage have? mine has a tray with a grill on top, I cover the grill with layers of clean newspaper then each day sometimes more than once I remove the top layer, it so so easy to do and keeps things clean.


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our old cage had a grill, but to be honest I covered it in paper as the girl was just a pain to clean, then change the paper daily or as it gets soiled, same as above I put 2/3 layers on and just lift the top layer when its dirty.

his new cage doesn't have a grill, so paper, change that daily and still the hoover in most days to pick up the bits and bobs.

I have spoke to Rosemead and they would make a grill for me for not that much, but we've come to an understanding now, he does as he's told and I don't have to tell him off,,,,,,,,,,lol in my dreams :)


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Agree with Roz hun and really the cage and perches should be cleaned every day. You are more likely to notice things like dangerous toys etc when giving the cage a clean round and a poop check to see all is OK. I use night cages which makes it easy to clean the day cages and make adjustments to toys and perches.
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