Brinsea Tlc 4 Brooder


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Specification (just in case anybody needs it)
TLC - 4
Construction: Top and base mouldings: structural, insulated polyurethane
Curved sides: Twin skin ABS
Door opening frames: Anodised extruded aluminium
Clear door: ‘Plexiglass’ or similar scratch resistant clear acrylic
Dimensions : (External) 475mm high x 450mm diameter (18 ¾” high x 17 ¾” diameter) (Max. Internal) 370mm high x 395mm diameter (14 ½ high x 15 ½” dia.)
Weight: 5.5Kg (12lbs)
Power Consumption: 120 Watts (maximum)
60 Watts (typical average)
Electrical Supply: 230v 50Hz or 115v 60H

and in case anybody needs to know what they look like ...... THIS IS NOT THE ONE FOR SALE JUST WANTED TO GIVE AN EXAMPLE :)



How much is the TLC 4 brooder? Anything you can tell me about it would be helpful!
Thanks, Howard

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