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Rich Osborn

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Hi, I'm looking for new birb (ruling out greys an cockatoos as much as I'd like a heckin big birb I feel I'm just out on criteria to give one the best etc
At the moment Ringnecks and alexdrine seem like a good go to, I've had many green cheeks and few cockateils so definitely like something larger and a chance of a good vocabulary,
so whilst unsure and with the birds show at Stafford soon I'm hoping some of you kind folk would let me get to view etc so I can make my bloody mind up lol..... Maybe purchase if all is well etc etc
If helps my last conure "Ryoka" would come for walks, drive with my rc land rover and basically was an extension of myself in a way.... A real turn around from scared of humans.
This will be my first parrot from baby(or young as possible, previous have been rescue no hatch dates and often bad health/backgrounds) and I'd like to attempt harness training. I have no issue with a sensible clipping (I know marmite subject but I ensured Ryoka got those wings flapping often to keep muscles etc) but rather have full flight and ability to accompany each other as explore the forest that's on my back door, it will primarily be a daddies girl/boy but I don't want risk like with greys where could be hostile to others as when I'd walk into town with Ryoka is was nice to be stopped n tell others about the care etc involved for others to have a hold would be a benefit

I'm based in Rugeley, Staffordshire and rely on partner for driving so would have be an evening or weekend visit
Many thanks in advance
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