Bread Puds


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They look yummy but... different was expecting something like bread and butter pudding .... must be a Welsh take on things or perhaps just something totally different :thinking:
Over here I would have expected bread that has had the crust cut off buttered on both sides laid in a dish in layers with sultanas and sugar between layers and then eggs mixed in milk poured on top before being stuffed in the oven to bake it....
Sort of like this Bread and butter pudding recipe | BBC Good Food

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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My friend who was recovering from a serious head injury was brought bread pudding in the rehab unit....he very politely described it as "warm, and...rather heavy"!


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@DizzyBlue Bread pud is not a Welsh thing my mum who was from Sussex and Alans mum from London used to make it.
A friend of ours refers to it as Navvies Wedding cake! Bread & Butter pudding as you describe is a different thing. I have to say many folk in the past when I have mentioned Bread Pud they say Oh Bread & Butter Pudding and I have to tell them no it is different.

I make mine with any left over breads put them in a colander and soak then squeeze out as much water as you like so that it's not dripping wet. Place in a mixing bowl with a door handle of butter a good spoonful of mixed spice, sugar, mixed cake fruit or sultanas (whatever dried fruits you have) mix together and spoon into greased baking dish and pop in warm over 180c for about 30-40mins. It is a way is using up bread, and any dried fruits you may have and it's lovely warm or cold,
some have it with custard.
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