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Here you go peeps a few parrot anagrams to flex your grey cells. Common names not latin and their first title and not species although there may be species names in the list too such as say blue fronted and not included the word amazon if you follow my drift.... How many can you see?

  1. Clue sect
  2. I clock eat
  3. Like rote
  4. All sore
  5. Taco cook
  6. Rare big dug
  7. Ore cell
  8. Git or prank
  9. Rio Barny owl
  10. Ake
  11. Wears clama
  12. Man a oz
  13. A Well Peony
  14. A bleed ye howl loud
  15. Ice aqu
  16. Akurqe
  17. Pearl tort
  18. In soup
  19. Fondle de brute
  20. Dah had week
  21. Glen seal
  22. Rid Jane
  23. Oy Corn Egg
  24. Tiger hymen
  25. Orb devil
  26. King decern
  27. Ravage stare
  28. A sorry temper
  29. Rare cap top
  30. Rio tnt
  31. R reducts fuels
  32. Jim melt scholar
  33. Sea border set
  34. Deary bee
:watchout: this is what happens with a lack of sleep due to a babbling budgie
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