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Here's an easier one for you :)
With this one my answer of 9 was way off the mark but i'll say how I got to that answer.......

I multiplied the first two numbers together and then added the first one.
Example:- 3 times 6 = 18 +3 = 21.
That theory works with the previous two as well so I then thought 8 times 11 = 88 + 8 = 96

But I was wrong, thats a good one.

bikergirl Carol

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In my tiny scrambled mind I think
The 3 boys were brothers identified as Crimson, we think one of them broke the window because they were seen running away and the note accuses one of them. This makes you believe it must have been one of them when there is no evidence it was, so it might have been someone else entirely. So Sherlock dosnt interview any of them


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@bikergirl Carol I liked the Sherlock Holmes one.
For those that didn't get it the answer was in the note as it said "?Crimson" ... the punctuation mark is called a Question Mark ... so if you replace the symbol the answer was Question Mark Crimson = ?Crimson

@denzarki I liked yours too :) and the answer me thinks is the word THE as it appears twice :nut:


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Ok lets fox the brain cells tonight :p

How is the below true?

and here's another :)

And here's one to puddle the brain .....yet another :)

Everyday the number of lily pads in a pond doubles.
If the pond is completely full by the 30th day, then on which day was it half full?
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