Bo's overnight change!


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Hello everybody!

Bo our CAG is 14 months old now and he has had a massive change in the space of a week. He is still a loving little boy and loves attention and cuddles however he is in a moult so a little bit moody at times which we expected.

The behaviour change i need a little bit of advice on is what im assuming is his mating kind of behaviour. It happens every now and again but he will be sat on our knee or shoulder or even on his cage and he will drop his wings, move his head side to side and make panting noises.
Also if we tickle his head through his bars he will randomly grab our finger and try pull towards his chest.

So far we have ignored this and changed his attention so got him his fave foot toy or played peak a boo which he enjoys.
We do not stroke him, we only tickle the top of his head and the side of his ears when he turns his head so don't think we have brought this behaviour on. Just think he is very young but i know you all are the experts!

Thank you in advance, want to ensure we get this right 😁
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