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Bonded Pair Of Sun Conours - Rosie & Jim

Discussion in 'For Sale and Bargain Links' started by Yav, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. Scottw

    Scottw Regular Member

    Sounds like a perfect ending to this . I can't imagine how hard it was but it must be great to know they have gone somewhere great .
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  2. ladyc

    ladyc Regular Member

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  3. Yav

    Yav Regular Member Registered

    Thx for all the kind words Peeps! Especially Marley! Shame you didnt have time to stay longer. I would have loved to chat Birds, bunnies more. You never got to meet my other house bunnies (they have their own bedroom upstairs). But everyone loves Pinky, she's my little old lady and she always likes to sniff around new people.

    I shall miss R & J, despite the problems We had, especially in the mornings. I have a CCTV camera in their aviary and it seems so empty now. It was fun watching them wake up, have a bath and hang upside downnext to the camera so they could look at their reflection. Little terrors have been very destructive. They will destroy a lot of perches. I've been using tree branches which they prefer. I won't miss the screaming, but don't worry they will become better behaved. They had a very scary day yesterday, but I bet they are already loving being more in the country and in a posh big aviary!

    They prefer to bath in a large drinking bowl to a shower btw.

    Good luck I really hope you enjoy them, this is the perfect ending for all of us. I'm glad I resisted the temptation to ebay them for sure!
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  4. marley

    marley Regular Member

    Just a quick update while I try to snatch lunch, they have settled well and have cleared all the morning fruit except the orange so they won't starve!
    Have left a couple of toys for the mrs to hang up for them this afternoon so hopefully the perches will last till the weekend ;) Sadly it's peeing down so they will have to wait till tomorrow to get outside and see the cows!
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  5. Yav

    Yav Regular Member Registered

    They wont even eat grapes - so orange is a no go. Neither will they eat pear. They are very fussy. Stick with apple if you can