Blue Crowned Conure Parrot Found In Southampton (so17) On 7th September 2019 #foundbirds #foundpets


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@CaptainHowdy have altered our listing you might want to try and contact the person who listed it if you can and let them know what species it is :)

Unfortunately I can only contact people who have lost pets not those who have found them. Think it's a different type of membership you need as you pay for that one I believe. Mines just a free one because I post up the ones I find.


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Have sent an email to the site direct :thumbsup:
They did ask the question the other week a to if we had any suggestions as to improvements that could be done …. perhaps I should be asking if they can make you a consultant parrot wise to do species checks for them ;) as not good to somebody looking for their conure if its under amazon as they wouldn't look at that post necessarily and its only if somebody finding a bird knows what they have found it would get listed properly …. :thinking:
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