Bites From Parrots - Warning Graffic Photo's

Well it barely counts, and was totally my own fault, but I got my first skin breaking "bite" from one of the girls today.
IMG_20240309_124443422~2.jpg IMG_20240309_125141961~2.jpg

I tried to move the paper they were shredding so they didn't fall off the edge of the shelf, ignoring the very high energy activity while shaking their head & rubbing their beak over the paper.

My cat does worse damage to my hands though (also my fault as I taught him to "box" as a kitten) & the nips I got from a grey and a conure at tropical bird land definitely hurt worse. I did read that pionus bites are quite mild compared to other species.

They've joined the tradition of "every pet bites me at least once".
I got a foot chomp (inside left foot) from a blue and gold macaw yesterday. Never saw that one coming :noidea: you watch your fingers, your face get careful of arms..... then the little monster runs down the side of the cage while your attention is elsewhere, scampers across the floor like a blue bullet and grabs your foot! Sneaky ruddy sneaky. My own fault should have had closed shoes like trainers on. The damage was by the lower mandible crescent shape
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