Birds of a feather ..... Or are they?


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So for sometime I have been dreading the day when my youngest Grey's Tuppy and Denarii end up copying the tawny owl that seems to insist on sitting on my chimney pot and yelling down it at nightime.
Yesterday afternoon I was stood in the garden watching the hundreds of geese heading out to the River Humber to roost and feed.
Spotted a few ducks travelling and a few gulls heading out as well could hear some curlews but could quite locate them amongst all the birds flying through and where I live it's not uncommon to see them at harvest time when the first couple of fields are cut you can easily see flocks of a few hundred. Anyway making notes of numbers of birds and direction flying from and heading too.
BTO have a free website you can join and tell them what you see so the can keep track of even the commonest of species seen in your garden or when you're out and about. Hmmm rather like an all year round garden bird watch.
As the afternoon wore on a little I keep counting an kept hearing but not seeing the curlew they don't always fly at great height.....
Turns out these curlew are a new species when I did manage to spot them they are Lesser Spotted African Grey Curlews :bird_brain: turns out I shouldn't have been overly concerned about the owl..... :watchout:
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