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Bird Sitters For Parrotlets

Discussion in 'Holiday Homes For Birds' started by Fiz.R, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. Fiz.R

    Fiz.R Registered

    Just wondering if anyone knows any sitters for parrotlets in North Leeds?

    I will be away for three weeks in December and have no one to care for my bird.[​IMG]

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  2. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    :welcome: I expect in due course our members will be along with ideas of who may care for your dear little parrots next December.
    Also you may like to ask your avian vets if they know of someone.
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  3. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    Hello and welcome I hope you will find somewhere for our little one to stay
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  4. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Our member @Dell27 is located in Amber Valley Derbyshire she offers parrot boarding.
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  5. He's a little beauty, I hope you find someone close to you

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  6. Fiz.R

    Fiz.R Registered


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  7. Dell27

    Dell27 Regular Member

    Hello and welcome, I'm Donna I run Amber Valley Avian Holidays in Derbyshire it's a bit of a distance but if you don't find anywhere local you would be welcome to come and visit me. I have a little parrotlet myself called Pickle [​IMG]

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