Bird safe paint for aviaries


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We are in the process of completing an outdoor aviary. It is largely made of an old converted shed with additional wooden indoor areas and mesh panels. It's nearly complete but most of the wood will need treatment for weatherproofing and to prevent rotting. I've read Cuprinol do pet friendly products but not entirely sure from their website that it will be okay for aviaries (they seem to marketing their products for bird boxes). I sort of think if its okay for a bird box, it should be fine for an aviary, but I'm not entirely sure. Are there any specific paints/treatments that can be used that are bird friendly?


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To for water based things when it comes to birds no access to wood is better in an aviary since parrots are prolific chewers so wood to the outside with mesh on the inside of they will be forever chewing and your going to be forever having to replace the frame.
plant wise there's lots to choose from bamboo is brilliant for hiding in and chewing!
we have a list of two on forum just make sure you identify your plants properly.

Natural perches would be far better than dowel
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