Bird Cut Under Wing

Martin Dean

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hello, one of my cockatiels has a cut under it' wing on his body andi dunno what to do? He is still flying around and eating but it doesn' like being handled, it just steps up so I dunno if I should hold it in a towel to put something on the wound as it would stress it out A LOT! Please help!!! I think it' stopped actually bleeding as no blood as dripped in a while


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Make sure that it has stopped bleeding as it don't take much blood loss for a bird to bleed to death. If it has stopped bleeding, and your bird is eating and flying, I probably would leave alone, you don't want to stress your bird out.

I don't know if anyone else can advise you different.

Please note that my advise doesn't replace that of a vets.

Michael Reynolds

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is it a cut ? have you just seen blood as it is most likely a blood feather broken as the point under the wing would be an unusual place for a bird to get cut. if it has stopped bleeding then I would not interfere as not only will it cause your bird stress but may cause it to panic and the bleeding may start again. do you have any stop bleed or flour this may be used if the birds starts to bleed again. if it starts to bleed then you will need to capture it and stop the bleeding.
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