Best Way to clean bird grate?


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Hello all!! Im wondering how (if your using a bird grate in your cage), you actually clean it? At the momemt Im doing a quick spot check with poop off and then cleaning it with a solution of F10 mixed with water using a soft scouring pad sponge. Im wondering once I have cleaned the bars with the mixture of f10 and water do I need to keep it on for 5 minutes or can I immediately wash it off? The reason I ask is on the instructions it says to leave it on for 5 mins? Is just cleaning it with the F10 and water and rinsing it off enough protection against germs?


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No using a metal scouring pad Martin that will damage the special paintwork and that's the way it ends up getting damaged and rusty
You can use one of those green plastic ones that are for non-stick pans though.
I put news papers on top of my grills so the grills only need a quick soak. I take mine out and stand them upright in the bath with a bit of water in the bath and then used the shower hose of hot water to get the worst off then I use the F10SC to wash around with using a piece of torn off cotton t-towel can't say I need to use a scrubber on it as comes off really easy using hot water …
F10 will kill off all the germs so don't worry about germs gathering so you can spray it on and then wait for it to soak into the poop and then wipe it off


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Too be honest with mine I just take them outside, hose down and leave a minutes, brush off the gunge, drain, spray with suitable disinfectant and take back inside to dry. Sounds long winded but I find it is easier and quicker than faffing around with each bar and crevice.

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they do help in saving time, I can clean up to 26 cages in the day and it dose a far better job even between the bars and the awkward places that people use toothbrushes for, not so good on the cheaper older cages as it can take paint off but the cages you have its ideal do not use them for toys or perches as they are so powerful that they will cut into the wood, mine cost £30 pounds from LIidl I went a year without one and I did miss it so much

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When you leave them to dry, do you just leave it to air dry or dry the bars yourself? If air drying, can it cause rust?

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I use a big storage tub I brought from homebase take the grate and poop pan out first put them in soak in hot water by the time I have cleaned the rest of his cage toys etc etc I just wash away the poop with ease with a washing up brush (soft bristles)
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