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Martin Dean

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Hiya all!!! Im wondering if anyone on here uses beech chips on the tray on their bird cage??? If so what do they do about the cleaning routine??? IE do you replace all the beech chips on a daily basis or do you just do a spot check for all the chips that have been desecrated on and just remove those and replace or do you just replace all the beech chips on a weekly basis?


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Hi Martin
I use beech but in the aviary roost box not in the house. They absorb water and they can go mouldy also food falls under them so you have to have a good nosy around in the cage department for me I just sweep the lot out on a regular basis in the aviary and pop them in the garden recycle bin. Probably will be good fun in a cage for the likes of kakariki's to forage under but still the best for keeping a cage clean is newspaper sheets and taking out the top one every morning and every tea time. Make sure its dust free and untreated I you decide to use it I know a lot of the American places say about using it somewhere on here there is a list that I did a few years ago will find it and pop the link on for you to have a read :)

Martin Dean

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They will only be used on the tray as I still have the grate between the tray and the chippings, all I am wondering is the cleaning routine of them? As at the mo Im using newspapers but Im having to go to my train station to get a whole load of them once a month but they are very heavy to carry home! All I need to know is do I replace them all daily or just once a week? What do you do Micheal?
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