Morning everyone
Our dog Becky passed away this morning, I settled her in bed lastnight around 12ish, but apparently she got up at 4am and sometime after that she has passed away, she was on her bed fast asleep, she looked comfortable, it was about 7am and I think it had just happened, she was still warm.
I did want to be with her when it happened but you cant plan these things, at least we found her on her bed.

Very sad but ive spent the last two weeks cuddling her and saying goodbye so I was prepared for it, I did a paw print on some paper too.
Not sure Daisy understands, I dont know how she will react, when Amber died Becky was in a right state for months, thats why we got Daisy, shes been cuddling me but just wants to go for a walk I think


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Aww Heather I am so very very sorry such a sad time even if it was expected.
Rest peacefully dear Becky go find my late William xx:besos:
Yeah its what I wanted for her, we were in two minds about calling the vet out, she was okay and not suffering so much so I didnt feel right about making that decision, just wanted to keep her comfortable till the end.


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Sorry to hear this
Run over that rainbow bridge sweetie pie and go roll in that lovely lush spring grass x
Passing at home where she was comfy, familiar and relaxed was more than likely a blessing for her. Huge hugs to you all xx
Got home from work and cried my eyes out, I was alright at work, so many distractions with the children, no time to dwell.
But coming home to just Daisy wasnt right and it set me off, always been greeted by two dogs and the last couple of weeks I spent carrying Becky up and down the stairs and having a cuddle when I got home, shes such a miss.

Michael Reynolds

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it is the hole that they leave and the spare time we have too remember them that often caused by a missing routine or an event that happens that will trigger our thoughts of missing our loved friends. My thoughts are with you Heather through the sad times that make us reflect on what used to be and now no longer happen, Hugs


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These feathered and fur babies are gifts and not to keep,
we can care and love them 'til it's their time to sleep,
may they all be happy, know they have our love to keep
until it's our time to meet.

Hugs to Heather xx


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I am so sorry @Heather2131 for your loss. Becky was well loved and cared for. The love you both have for each other will live on within you. She may have now gone to sleep for the last time but she will never be forgotten.
Run Free Becky xx
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