Barney’s first few days at his new home


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I can’t even begin to describe how amazing and awesome this bird is!

when I first got him I realised a few things:
1. He doesn’t like hands AT ALL, but will happily sit on your shoulder.
2. He has a slight addiction to apples.
3. He’s a Very visual learner. He absolutely hated the clicker I used for my budgies, Every-time I use it he freaks and bites me, but when I use hand signals he easily picks up the training we’re doing and will happily participate!

so not going to lie, the first day after he arrived at my house I did get a little worried that me and him would not get along at all! He was biting whenever I went to Change his food and water bowls, squawked like crazy when I came near him, but then he’d happily fly over to me and sit on my shoulder, bite my glasses or try to eat my earrings. I felt disheartened because I just couldn’t understand what he wanted at all. But then I figured out he is quite territorial over his cage, and hates loudish noises. Once I got him away from the cage using a perch, where he couldn’t see it and sat him down to do some target practice, he calmed down instantly except from the biting. But after a few sessions and a few bites lol he instantly warmed up to me and these last few days have been AMAZING.

We have a routine every morning and when I come downstairs he’s waiting for me at the cage door and he‘ll step onto my hand and then eat his chop, then I’d get dressed while he preens or just chills on my shoulder and then we do a 15 min training session, and then spend the day together doing just everyday things, I’d do college work and he’d just chew on a toy or try to bite my laptop, or I give him a bath, literally we do everything together and seeing him you’d never realise he was so aggressive towards hands!

also I’ve been trying to socialise him more so he doesn’t become bonded just to me, my boyfriend came over today and we practiced Barney stepping up onto him instead of me, and then my sister came over to see him and we did the same again, nothing huge just ten minute sessions and they went absolutely fine. He’s such a wonderful bird and I can honestly say I’m so glad we’ve added him into the family despite the rough start! LoLEFDE8877-CDB8-47F7-AD03-FB083B47AD92.jpeg8EE74B37-18A0-4B80-B035-B90DF38DAC30.jpegE8F91BAD-6E71-43F6-B5EC-62CF098736A5.jpeg
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