Avian Vets . Essex


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does anyone in this area have any recommendations please.
i know my nearest but would love a actual recommendation from someone please


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Phone the vets and ask about their avian qualified vet, his/her qualifications etc AND then google the heck out of that info. You have several options according to parrots mag in Essex. Ask them what species they see most of? More than likely greys tbh, it was with mine, my pink one was something different :)


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thanks rain , i have unfortunately had a bad experience lately with a vet , i really want a fully qualified vet with exotic bird experience


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The Orchid vets in Ongar Road Brentwood, the Vet Is William Lewis. It is part of the national chain "best friends" William is very knowledgeable


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orchid vets do not have any qualified avian vets . i just called them , thanks tho

william retired a few years ago

Michael Reynolds

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the biggest problem is the few avian qualified vets that are not in a main veterinary practice dealing with birds do move to other practices, its a problem I have had many times.
Darren I contacted the parrot society and he has updated the list as I contacted a vets they listed to find out they arent avian, so maybe give them email so they can update the list in your area


Sometimes when a specialist moves practice, the practice they were at can be reluctant to share details of where they have gone.

You can search for individuals or a practice, and check on their qualifications, make sure they are registered via the RCVS website
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