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Aquarium ... Sort Of!

Discussion in 'Non Parrot Media' started by DizzyBlue, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. DizzyBlue

    DizzyBlue Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Just thinking whether I need to set up a small temporary brackish water tank ….. :thinking:
    The flipping nastiest shrimp I have a female amano has eggs at the moment and am debating should I let them breed....
    If I leave her in the normal tropical shrimp tank until just before she is due to release the eggs as fry and then swap her into a temporary tank allow her to release the fry and then get her out right sharpish before she decides to eat her own fry and pop her back into the tropical shrimp tank so she can cast. That way I could make the temporary tank into a brackish water tank for the amano fry until they are big enough to desalinate the water gradually and acclimatise them to tropical fresh water when big enough.
    If I leave the female in the tropical tank the fry once hatched will die within 3 to 4 days …..
    However this would leave me with a breeding issue … what do you do when an amano can breed up to 1000 fry at a time … ok so not all make it anyways but could in theory end up with rather a large amount of amano to rehome.....
    The reason I say this particular amano is a nasty piece of work is because she is the only shrimp I have an issue with. If you don't give her regular supplies of food that is meant for live eaters then she will go and hunt one of my tropical shrimp grab them and kill them and then devour them :yikes: she takes perhaps two a week if I don't keep an eye on her :camper: none of the other amano's have this particular disposition and really not sure why she has it. She's an evil shrimp :BangHead:
    Anyways back to the though of should I or shouldn't I?
  2. DizzyBlue

    DizzyBlue Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Hmm looks like she has a full load … which can be up to 2000 eggs :nut:

    Looking around the tank at the other females that are not amano's there seems to be 3 cherry's, 1 blue bolt, 2 blue velvets, 3 blue dreams with black masks, 1 yellow and 2 blacks and possibly a chocolate but not too sure if she is or not haven't had a good clear look at her that are also carrying but they carry a heck of a lot less eggs than this female. Think there are possible 4 grey rili that are carrying coloured eggs so their fry will be coloured and not grey. The other shrimp are about two cm in length with perhaps 10 eggs maximum this female is about 3 inches and the largest shrimp in the tank! She's a whopper!! Her males (she has a choice of three) are only about 1.5 to 2inches in size... make her look like a freaking battleship!! :risas3: And yes in the photo she is killing and eating a small snail :yikes:
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  3. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    lets hope its offspring do not take after there mother, can you imagine 1000 just like her, you will be eaten out of house and home :yikes::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp::emoji_shrimp: