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Hello all! Long time I did not post about my beautiful Sid.
Last time I was telling you about how I worry he won’t fly... well, now he does (at times).

I am terrible worries:
I have rescued Sid from a home where he was not getting the attention and care he deserves. It has been one year now.
I have to relocated to Switzerland for work and I am working through all the documentation needed.
Sid has now a microchip and he registered to my name. When I was giving a call to en-suite on what to do to get the export certificate, and get a CITES, they asked for his origin. When I got Sid i asked the owner to provide me with all the papers and information about what where they got him. They did not have any of this.
Could you give advise on what should I be doing ? I tried to call the Centre for International Trade in Bristol but they do not reply.
I asked for advise to my vet who has been very helpful but they are unable to provide me with guidance. I was hoping to be gone before 29 March (yup...). We have also started things on the Swiss side for the import certificate...
i’ll Take any advise you have ! I’m desperate
Thank you for your help


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Hi do try contacting The Parrot Society UK they are usually very helpful.


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Firstly which variety of Amazon is Sid?
If you are not sure please post a picture

Also has he got a closed ring on?
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You need a pet passport to take your bird abroad and your avian vet to do the disease testing set out in that document. That is as long as your not planning on leaving him there or selling him there this is strictly for him to be able to travel with you rather like your passport is for you
If your bird is on the Cities list then its needs its paperwork which could well be its Article 10 even if it is just to list it as a pet bird but not for any commercial use, but if its not on the listing ie is NOT classed as an endangered species then it won't need it just its pet passport so you can travel together. Speak with the Swiss Embassy and double check what paperwork they would need at destination point link to pet passports is on this link
Our Lisa went to live abroad so she can give you a good description of what she had to do when she went to Spain @Lisa7284
Remember Brexit may alter some things so best to double check that the paperwork will still be valid to bring you feathered beauty back home again on the same paperwork in the future
So if your parrot is NOT on this list it doesn't need the cities paperwork but does need to have a pet passport and disease testing
Cacatua goffini - goffins cockatoo
Cacatua haematuropygia - philippine/red vented cockatoo
Cacatua moluccensis- mullocan/salmon crested cockatoo
Cacatua sulphurea - lesser sulphur crested/ yellow crested cockatoo
Cacatua sulphurea abbotti - abbots lesser sulphur crested cockatoo
Cacatua sulphurea parvula - timor cockatoo
Cacatua sulphurea citrinocristata - citron crested cockatoo
Probosciger aterrimus - palm cockatoo

Loriidae Lories, lorikeets
Eos histrio - red and blue lorikeet
Vini ultramarina - blue/ultra marine lorikeet

Psittacidae Amazons, macaws, parakeets, parrots
Amazona arausiaca - red necked amazon
Amazona barbadensis - yellow shouldered amazon
Amazona brasiliensis - red tailed amazon
Amazona finschi - lilac crowned amazon
Amazona guildingii - st vincents amazon
Amazona imperialis - imperial amazon
Amazona leucocephala - cuban amazon
Amazona ochrocephala - sub species double yellow headed amazon auropalliata -
Amazona ochrocephala belizensis - sub species double yellow headed amazon
Amazona ochrocephala caribaea - sub species double yellow headed amazon
Amazona ochrocephala oratrix - double yellow headed amazon
Amazona ochrocephala parvipes - sub species double yellow headed amazon
Amazona ochrocephala tresmariae - sub species double yellow headed amazon
Amazona pretrei - red specticled amazon
Amazona rhodocorytha - red browed amazon
Amazona tucumana- tucuman prrot
Amazona versicolor - st lucia amazon
Amazona vinacea - vinaceous amazon
Amazona viridigenalis - green cheeked amazon
Amazona vittata - puerto rican amazon
Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus - hyacinth macaw
Anodorhynchus leari - lears macaw
Anodorhynchus glaucus - glaucous macaw
Ara ambigua - great green macaw
Ara glaucogularis (Often traded under the incorrect designation Ara caninde) blue-throated macaw
Ara macao - scarlet macaw
Ara maracana - illegers macaw
Ara militaris - military macaw
Ara rubrogenys - red fronted macaw
Cyanopsitta spixii - spixs macaw
Aratigea guarouba - golden conure
Cyanoramphus forbesi - chatham island/forbes yellow fronted parakeet
Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae - norfolk island parakeet
Cyclopsitta diophthalma coxeni - coxens double eyed fig parrot
Eunymphicus cornutus - horned parakeet
Geopsittacus occidentalis (possibly extinct) - night parrot
Neophema chrysogaster - orange bellied parakeet
Ognorhynchus icterotis - yellow eared conure
Pezoporus wallicus - ground parrot
Pionopsitta pileata - pileated/ red capped parrot
Propyrrhura couloni - blue headed macaw
Propyrrhura maracana - blue winged macaw
Psephotus chrysopterygius - golden shouldered parrot
Psephotus dissimilis - hooded parrot
Psephotus pulcherrimus (possibly extinct) - paradise parakeet
Psittacula echo - mauritius (echo) parakeet
Psittacula krameri (Ghana) - ring necked parakeet
Psittacus erithacus - African grey parrot
Psittacus erithacus timneh - Timneh grey parrot
Pyrrhura cruentata - blue throated parakeet
Rhynchopsitta terrisi - maroon fronted parakeet
Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha - thick billed parrot
Strigops habroptilus - kakapo


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Hello !
Thank you to you all!
@dianaT I have checked the Parrot Society UK. I tried to call but they close at 3pm, I'll try tomorrow again. Thank you for the tip.

@marley . My Sid is a Blue Fronted Amazon :)

@Michael Reynolds : Yes, that is what I had understood when doing my researched and found that Blue Fronted Amazon did not need CITES, but then, when I called to take some information and if a document was needed on the top of the passport, the guy I got on the phone, from DEFRA I guess (that 03000 number where you need to type on multiple digit before, if you are lucky, get a human voice to answer) the guy got me all confused. He was not listening to what I was saying and kept repeating that Blue Fronted Amazon are on the list of endangered species. He was talking over me with already done sentence and not trying to provide the accurate information. Very frustrating phone call...And Yes, I realised he is a bird. What an happy moment the day I saw him fly the first time, I started jumping around. I was so proud of him.

@DizzyBlue. Thank you very much for the list. As I found before, Blue Fronted Amazon is not on it. Why would the person I had on the phone continue to say otherwise? I was convinced that he was not when I called and got all confused at the end of it. I have already contacted the authorities in Switzerland. I am not planning to come back to the UK (I am not British), and yes, I plan to leave before the Brexit, also because it was easier with my pets (I also have a cat with a EU Animal Passport that won't be working after March 29th).
We have planned to travel by Car from Bristol to Geneva as my Vet told me that there is a high rate of mortality when flying with the bird. To issue the import certificate, Switzerland need the export certificate.

Obviously, I is not for commercial purpose...I thought this was very clear. Sid and Chaussette (the cat) are like my child and never go anywhere without them (China, Turkey...I always did what was needed).

@sunnyring I should maybe do this way yes. My vet is very supporting in all the process. I am sure she would be ok to provide me with such a document.

I will keep you all updated.

Michael Reynolds

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I can assure you your bird will not require a CITES 1 paperwork when you get the pet passport get the vet to state the bird species and its Latin name amazon aestive


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Lovely to hear you all travel as a family humans and pets together and also that you have given such consideration to how would be best for your pets to be less stressed :)
Pet passports will not become invalid on Brexit day the UK government has been updating the paperwork situations for the last few weeks with lots of new updated issues coming out those that have registered with them to get the emails for updated information have been getting the emails from them for a while now.
One thing that will be very useful for you is that you request a full copy of your pets medical information from your UK vet for each of your pets so that it is easier for any new vet you register with in your country of destination to have everything available instantly should they need it. And if you travel to another country after Switzerland do the same each time.
The reason I mentioned contacting the Swiss embassy was I have a nagging feeling that their law regarding keeping any bird is different to most other countries … I have a sneaking feeling that over there or one of the country very close by it is law that you must have two birds not one …. they have to be kept as pairs as company for each other …. I could very well be wrong but I have this feeling that it is Switzerland that has that particular law ….
I wish you all well in your new life abroad and an easy and pleasant journey wherever you go together :)


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Little update:
Amazona Aestive - Blue Fronted Amazon are on CITES list, not the main one. They are listed on the Appendix 2, Annexe B and therefore do need the CITES export certificate.
The person I had on the phone today was a lot more helpful.

The form FED0172 need to be filled and the process takes 15 working days, with the fee of 63£.
I might need to get a Health Certificate before applying, that is the last bit am trying to sort out now.
More info later!


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All animals and plants etc are on the cities listing and they are assigned a category with category 1 being the endangered ones two being less endangered but more monitored 3 really common and least concern
Parrots in the listing of category 1 that I listed earlier have to have paperwork issued and their Article 10 as well if they are to be bred from and upon hatching or sold or used in anyway to have commercial gain (which doesn't apply to you) they also have to have this for import and export. Article 10 is a lot harder to get.
Blue fronts need export paperwork in the form of a pet passport and documents to prove ownership (which you have like your microchip plus disease testing simple to have done as you have already have your bird under a vets care)
Perhaps I didn't explain it well never mind your getting sorted now so no worries


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Hiya, I moved from UK to Spain about 18 months ago (not sure if there have been any changes to paperwork/ processes) but I can tell you what I did.

Getting all the paperwork ready for our move to Spain almost sent me nutty. First you will need to contact DEFRA (I did via the telephone- they transfer you to several extension numbers but you get there in end) and request they send you the forms you need (they will know what to send you). They emailed me the EXA03 and 431EHC forms plus some pretty useless guidance notes. Then you need to find an avian vet who is qualified to carryout the travel certification and examination (not all avian vets can and DEFRA don't give you a list even when you request one). But if you contact your vet, they will know if they can or can't- unfortunately mine couldn't so I had to ring around.

Once you have found your vet you will need to complete the forms and email them back to DEFRA. These forms are basically providing them with information about your parrot, the vet carrying out the certification, where you plan to take them and requesting a health certificate. They will not process these until the week before your final vet visit but I sent mine in early, just in case I made any mistakes and the guy was lovely and checked through them for me.

Once they have received and processed your forms they will then post a certificate directly to your vet, ready for the examination. I also needed an import certificate from Spain- I had to contact the Spanish version of DEFRA and they emailed it to me.

Timing is really important. At the time I travelled birds had to have clear test results for Psittacosis, it took about 7 days for the results to be returned. Those results have to be with your vet the day of the examination or they cannot sign the paperwork. You then have a small time-frame in which to travel from the date the vet signs the certificate.

When I arrived at the Ferry I had my signed health certificate, a copy of the psittacosis results, an export certificate and import certificate (both signed by the vet).

Hope this helps


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Hi all. I have a Psittacus erithacus (African Grey Parrot). We live in Turkey and we are planning to immigrate to the UK. She's like our child. We love her a lot. She is my heart.
So I want to take her with us. The problem is that our budget is limited because of the exchange rate of Turkish liras and Sterlin. So maybe we can not afford the travel cost of our parrot. What I need is the instructions of the removing abroad for her. I really do not know anything about it. I searched a little bit on the internet and read some about CITES and that's it.

Plus, I am not sure about its gender, age, etc. She doesn't have a ring on her leg, do not have a passport, vet report, nothing. I appreciate any information or links contain information. Thanks a lot.


Hi Cybele and :welcome: to the forum.
Your African Grey will need CITES Article 10 paperwork to be exported/imported when you move.

Here is the link to the UK Government advice on this
But the process may be more complex as Turkey is not in the EU (and who knows whether the UK will/won’t be!)

I am going to tag in @DizzyBlue (she may not be able to respond straight away) as she has had some experience recently in trying to help one of our members who has moved to Panama from UK. It can be quite a complex matter, depending on whether the two governments have clear published guidance on the type of bird/animal being moved.

I wil” post this now and then go and look to see if I can find further information to assist you

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