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Anyone Knows Breeders Around London - African Grey / Gallah Cockatoo & Cockatoos?

Discussion in 'Parrot Breeders' started by brogax, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. brogax

    brogax Regular Member


    I've had experience for a while and still in process of learning parrots ! but been a pleasure having this mischief pets.

    Looking for a cockatoo, gallah cockatoo or african grey around London, anyone has some suggestions of breeders / shops that would supply these breeds ?

    I heard that there is a big parrot shop which has good reputation near M25 but can't find anything about it

    Appreciate for any suggestions of breeders, heard a lot of bad stories about buying sick birds so trying my best to find a reputable person.
  2. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    I will suggest going to the think parrot show on the ninth of June, they do not sell parrots at the show but you will have a few breeders attend showing some of there birds look for Dave (Lockey) as he will most likely attend.
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  3. plumsmum

    plumsmum Regular Member

    You could also have a think about adopting one, they get given up for all sorts of reasons and at all sorts of ages.
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  4. brogax

    brogax Regular Member

    Thanks, I have viewed since some birds and decided not to go ahead with a big parrot, ended up with a quaker instead, lol.

    I viewed some very affectionate umbrella & gallah cockatoo as well as african grey's but their beak size ( especially of umbrella's) were quite intimidating so I decided not to go ahead with the plans.

    I have also viewed birds for adoption, however I am unsure if most of the birds were treated/handled extremely wrong but some of the birds were extremely aggressive and not keen into having humans at all and as I mentioned their beaks are quite intimidating.

    I'm looking to expand my flock a bit more perhaps soon, ( I know I need to stop I already have 4 , but I have lots of empty space at my house that I also don't know what I should do with so having these guys there is quite fun... is rspca the best website to adopt a parrot ?
  5. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    The RSPCA have a good adoption procidure, they will check you and your place first. now i can say that mature quakers can det area protective and are know to attack other birds that they believe go in there area, this is why i do not have a quaker in my flock
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  6. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    photo of Buster
    Now come on i will say his bark is worse than his bite, IMG_0253.JPG
    Mind you his Bark is extreamly bad and his bite is slightly better, Ha ha
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  7. plumsmum

    plumsmum Regular Member

    I can give you some names of charities that bring birds in, assess them in a safe house, get them vet care if necessary and then advertise for adoption. All applicants need to pass a home check first.

    It isnt just about space to put the parrots, they all need interaction and this is usually the hard part. Having resources for vet care and the ongoing costs of food and toys starts to add up.
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  8. Oli Fry

    Oli Fry Regular Member Registered

    Good for you! I don't think many people are in a position to look after a cockatoo properly, and a Quaker will hopefully be lots of fun. If I'm honest, if I had my life over again I would probably stick to slightly smaller parrots - big ones are lovely but they do get frustrated and they can indeed be quite intimidating. Also it's hard to give them enough space. I've just completed a new aviary for my greys at some cost and it still feels too small....
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