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Anyone Knows Breeder Supplying Conures/quakers Near/in London?

Discussion in 'Parrot Breeders' started by brogax, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Birds won’t step down easily...you need to hold your hand below the level of the perch so that they are stepping up,onto the perch.
    Perhaps once he’s a bit older you can tempt him with a particular treat, like a small piece of nut or a piece or grape for example. When he does succeed , give him lots or praise, as that will act as positive reinforcement as well.
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  2. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Lol, that feeling of feeling bad is yours to deal with, but at the end of they day he is a parrot....you will get over it and so will he as he grows and finds good things to do. He will get used to you returning after a short while, and gradually make those intervals slightly longer for returning as he grows. For now he needs the security of you.
    Use the command Up when you place your finger gently just above his feet/legs, once he gets used to perching too it should become easier. And the Down for when you want him to step down, but usually birds do not like stepping downwards and are better stepping up onto a perch etc. If you see what I mean.
  3. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    Kiwi has to learn his cage is a safe place as you cannot be with him 24/7 you are doing every thing correct, only feeding Kiwi in the cage and giving it something soft of yours to snuggle up to. you just have to stay in control and put him in the cage if you have to and he/she will not leave your hand. do not forget to keep reassuring him/her that all is good and prais him/her as you do not want Kiwi to think its being punished.
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  4. brogax

    brogax Regular Member

    Thanks again !

    I bath my IRN's by spraying them with luke warm water, they love it - how old Kiwi can start having baths? I'm unsure if I can spray him yet so I haven't done it but he has a slight smell from his previous owner I guess so was wondering how soon or if we cant spray him yet is there a different way to bath a baby bird?
  5. Ararajuba

    Ararajuba Regular Member

    Put a shallow container containing some water in his cage, or out of it in a place where you don't mind water being splashed if you prefer. Make sure it is not too cold (about room temperature is probably ideal). Introduce him to tray containing water. If he is ready for a bath he will soon be splashing around in it happily. He probably won't take long to start doing this.

    Ours had already started bathing by his age. They've never had spray baths. With ours it would probably be a bad idea, as they tend to object to objects being held in hands besides food items and themselves, and due to this approaching them with a spray bottle around would probably just upset them. It also seems a little unnecessary when they enjoy splashing in water and bathing themselves so much. One of them does seem to prefer leaf baths though.
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  6. brogax

    brogax Regular Member

    Sorry for throwing that many questions !!

    Kiwi seems to be going fine, tough he's a little greedy for the formula still and for some reason he doesnt eat out of the bowls today but wants me to hand feed him either in or out the cage I cut small pieces of apple he seemed to enjoy it a lot but he was running away from mashed banana :emoji_owl: a small taste of the banana and immediately backing up from my finger with it

    Kiwi started squeaking as he eats and sometimes when I put him in the cage and go to take him out he would squeak for some time, Kiwi is really not keen of the idea being in the cage although the seller kept the babies together in the cage they were/seemed fined in it

    although i have already some experience from IRN's everything feels very new with him, my little sister came to my house and he/she is not keen on my sister touching me at all he bites her finger every time she touches me

    He seems to be good at flyng I make him fly from the cage to me and sometimes he prefers to land in my hair which is a little weird !

    He also keeps crawling up my shirt and wants to sleep/sit next to my face at all times also demands to be petted at times ! quite a character but overall extremely cuddly so far well towards me at least

    He has a ring on the feet, seems quite tight, - unsure when the growth of green cheek conures stop but does it need to be removed at all?

    thanks again all for all the help !!
  7. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    If you cannot turn the ring around then it needs to be removed. Oliver always lands on my head and then he makes his way on my shoulder
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  8. brogax

    brogax Regular Member

    @Michael Reynolds
    sorry another one !!!! :budgie:

    I've been first day to work since we've got Kiwi, since the time I came he keeps squaking if he eats and when he sits on me until he falls asleep - he was a bit angry as well charged at my hand with beak but now wants to cuddle again also, if he flies in my hair I have struggles taking him out of there he doesnt want to go anywhere down and his nails arent very pleasing either, any tips? or any clue whats with the squeaking? is that a happiness sound or he/she wants something ???
  9. brogax

    brogax Regular Member


    Hey !

    by any chances - would you have any tips for me what to do now?

    The bird is affectionate, quite too much affectionate already he does not like the idea of being in cage at all wants to sit on me and keeps licking my face or neck now or w.e but he wont step up on my hands holds tight on my jumper so I try my best to take him calmly to the cage, however now that my hands kept putting him/her back in the cage and the idea of going to the cage is nightmare for the birdy she/he started truly weird behaviour

    She will step up on me but if she will see another hand in cage she will kinda back off and bite, - same as/he sits on my chest if put my hand near my head she/he would chirp at it ( not really scream but I can tell that this is not happy sounds) and kinda move away from hands with either flapping or just putting wings up, the bitting to my fingers has become worse as well since today - I assume the bird behaves like this due to my hands putting him in the cage, where he doesn't like staying.... is there any way of preventing this as I'm scared that this might become of her/his daily routines and attacking hands

    I mean, I respect her privacy and I dont think i've done anything wrong to loose the trust + the bird can't wait to be out of cage and sit on me all day, runs like crazy around cage bars and cries to hop on me but then she/he became a little over aggressive with hands since yesterday evening - it's not all the time, but sometimes also I was holding apple and feeding her she/he decided to bite my finger - assume she was full and didnt want to eat because she clearly wanted to get the apple away LOL
  10. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Perhaps @Roz can advise on this. Have you tried not to put hands in the cage it is after all his territory.
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  11. brogax

    brogax Regular Member

    Yeah its not only inside the cage, also on my chest --- I was cleaning his cage and he wasnt keen on it but he just doesnt wanna stay in ther ekeeps crawling like a spider around the cage and cries for help to put him outside on my chest
  12. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hmm, you must not let it become a habit, I know its diffiucult but.....
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  13. brogax

    brogax Regular Member

    I've left him in cage and was bringing fresh veggies/fruit - he hoped out of course as always !

    Anyhow, he's shown even more aggression now, I don't know why or how is this so different from IRN's, I was bonding with them and it took ages but they've never shown anything like this before..

    So he climbs on my chest and now hops on my shoulders or head and starts flapping wings - doesn't fly anywhere doe but he can fly perfectly as he flies from the cage to me all the time so now he's flapping the wings and doesnt really hold nor he flies off he was sliding down on my jumper and I put a hand below so he wouldnt fall down but that was appereantly bad because he was angrily chirping and quite violently biting my hand, got bitten properly by the little guy now but he did not want to get touched and I dont understand what was that with the wing flapping he comes and cuddles next to my head all the time and becomes an angrier bird it seems every day - he's being out of the cage decent amount of time, he has toys and everything else any suggestions or ideas why he might start becoming a little aggressive?

    IRN's also flap their wings in the cage sometimes but only if they werent out for a day or two --- they're a bit lazy and prefer to stay in the cage themselves, I let them out as much as they want as well but they were never as cuddly but neither as aggressive towards me, lol.

    Since day 1 he was kinda scretching 1 wing quite often, I noticed also he is preening extremely often should that be a concern??? he's only sretching the wing when he sits on my chest

    and Idk why but it seems the longer he is in the cage the more aggressiveness he shows :budgie:

    I've kept giving him forumulas also but he's not that interested anymore he prefers to eat seeds /apples ---- Cucumber grapes and especially banana is his worst enemies if i have it in hand he/she wont even come to me
  14. Ararajuba

    Ararajuba Regular Member

    Ours went through a stage of being very difficult to put back in the cage too at around the same age. It lasted at least several months, though training (once I figured out what to do) eventually won the day, more or less. Dido (Crimson-bellied conure) also became very aggressive at times and started wanting to attack hands when they were in her cage, especially shortly after being put back, and especially if she was put back against her will. Our other conure, Vivi, is much less inclined to bite and get stroppy, and just pretended not to understand what we wanted her to do, ran back up the arm that was trying to put her in, flew away instead of going to her perch, etc. Dido did these things too but seemingly got very angry about fun time with humans being over, and would remember it for the next hour or so. This seems rather like how yours is behaving!

    The best solution in your situation is probably to avoid putting hands in cage at all until bird has forgotten that he is in a bad mood with you, while giving plenty of attention immediately after putting in cage (talking, feeding treats through the bars, giving scratches through bars if he will accept them etc). It's also a good idea to give him a reward for going in/stepping up on perch inside cage. This helps birdy to learn that the cage is a fun place to be, and to hang out, and that he will get plenty of attention if he goes back in like a good birdy. Putting him back in the cage then immediately walking away because you are done with him may get him to associate going back in with being abandoned. I don't know how ringnecks react to this, never having had a tame ringneck, but it frequently seems to make conures angry when they are not getting the attention they seem to think they deserve, and since angry conures can get very bitey and aggressive this is probably a situation best avoided!

    Yes, they can be very cage territorial (changing food and water bowls is fraught with risk to fingers as Dido thinks I'm not allowed to touch them, though Vivi doesn't really care), but that may not be the main reason for this behaviour.

    Incidentally, Dido will normally let me put my hands in the cage (if not touching things she gets possesive over like the food bowl) without much problem, besides getting impatient if she can't see any treats being offered, since she thinks that hands go in cage to give her things she likes. I don't generally put them in there if she is showing signs of agitation though, as she is much more likely to lunge and bite than usual. She's normally fine with going back in now (they're just over 3 years old and have had plenty of training reinforcement on this score), and always looks intently for her treat after hopping on her perch.
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  15. Ararajuba

    Ararajuba Regular Member

    Another thing since it's too late to edit my post: Both our conure girls detest banana, and always have, so if yours is showing signs of not liking it either I wouldn't personally be inclined to bother trying to get him to eat it. The only interest they have in banana is stripping the peel off and throwing it around.
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  16. brogax

    brogax Regular Member

    Sounds interesting :eek: but very different from Kiwi in terms of cage aggression, I don't think he/she minds me in cage at all its about being my hands in cage and not letting her/him out, as soon as my hand there he will run like a tornado up my arm or try to fly on my head ( altough we managed to establish that landing on my arm is a lot easier for both of us but occasionally still landing in my hair ) :D

    But honestly !!!

    This bird, even when food is there and cage is open he takes 1 seed or a piece of fruit and flies over to me, I think the reward that he enjoys is being let out of the cage because if i give him some food he will just bite and throw it out (he kinda doesnt manage holding food with legs yet)

    also I cannot give him any head rubs through the bar, because he's crawling around like spider wherever my hand is he will go there and tries his best to move through the bars onto my hands or licking my fingers(?) dunno how to decribe he doesn't bite but kinda tickles.. when he bites he always gets the small piece of skin that hurts like hell !!!

    Any tips on treats for them? No interests in millets, apple is ok he kinda likes it I tried so many things and most of the things he refuses ( he/she has crazy love for peanuts ) but again doesnt eat if not out the cage now unless its in the bowl

    & poor banana's being declined by birds, at least my IRN's love it :budgie:
  17. Roz

    Roz Regular Member

    I think you need to be aware of what you are reinforcing. :)

    Kiwi wants to be out with you because it is more reinforcing than staying in the cage. Try to always make it reinforcing for him/her to go back into the cage. You could give him a treat for stepping inside nicely. Try closing the door when he has something delicious in his mouth so that he will pair the closing door with something good. Also try immediately opening the door again to teach him that stepping inside doesn't always mean the end of fun time. Hang around for a while and play games with him when the door is closed - as Ararajuba said, if you close the door and immediately leave, then he is going to be less likely to want to go in, in the future. Is his cage near the IRNs for company?

    Why does Kiwi bite? What is reinforcing it? Your hand doing something he isn't comfortable with? How can you pair your hand with good experiences?

    As for treats, give him a bowl of fruits and veggies (carrots, peppers, chilli, broccoli, kale, sweetcorn, peas, mango, papaya, kiwi, strawberries, blue berries, pomegranate, etc - the brighter the colour of fruit and veggies the more nutritious) - that is great he is now choosing to eat them instead of the formula - and watch what he picks out first. These will be his favourites. Do the same with his seed bowl. What seeds or nuts does he pick out first? Then remove these items (so that they become more desirable) and use them as reinforcement for behaviour you want to see more of like stepping into his cage or calm body language, or teaching him to step up. If you can get him eating tree nuts (pieces of almond or cashew or walnut or pecan, etc.) they are much more healthy than peanuts which can contain aflatoxins because they grow underground. Try small Nutriberries (for cockatiels) or pieces of Avicake too - both made by Lafeber.

    All young bird's claws are razor sharp. Kobe's were when he was a baby.
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