Any Kakariki owners on here


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@Tinpot strangers in a cage ….. hmmm if you mean you already have one bird in the cage and you wish to put another into it then the answer would be no your going to end up with a fight as your putting a strange bird into another territory
Introducing two birds to a new cage lots of room required but it will be quiet for a day or two until they decide to work out their position in the flock ...
Safest way to introduce two birds and be fair to both so either can get out of the way if the other attacks is to put two cages side by side for a few days and allow them to see each other and interact safely and then when they have out time flying around to let them be introduced during out time
If its a male and a female the introduction will be ok two males may get a bit boisterous if its breeding time and two females ,,,, that usually ends up with world war 4 breaking out squabbling

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Hello and welcome, I have answered your other post, I would not introduce them by putting them in a cage but see how they are out side the cage together but have a towel ready that you can throw over them if they start to fight. they may get on but I will not have the kaks together in a cage without a means of escape for at least a month
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