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I wonder if anyone can help me. I have some air drying clay that I plan to use (not for anything bird related) in my front room but this is also where my parrotlet lives.
Can anyone tell me if I should worry about any fumes or chemicals from the clay travelling through the air? I would love to use it in the front room as that's usually where I do my creative stuff, but of course if I have to I will do it somewhere else.

I have tried Google and a I can find is postage about using clay in bird cages which isn't what I'm asking. Im just worried about fumes.

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I just read the health and safety data sheet and it does say it can have effects on sensitive breathing systems. Sorry your model making in another room. Reason behind that is humans can't smell Teflon and as such fumes don't harm us but birds are hypersensitive and it can kill them sooooo let's just jump to caution and say not suitable. Was quite amazed it has damaging effects of it catches fire wouldn't have thought about that being a polymer though suppose I should have :thinking:

click this link open the data sheets select health and safety then scroll to item 11 toxicological side effects.

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